Whether you're a camping, going to the beach, a stall holder at the markets or sporting events, basically just needing some portable shade, look no further! Kingfisher Tents has got you covered. We stock a great variety gazebos and portable shade shelters for all your needs.

Gazebos are great, easy to set up, pack away and are all round hassle free while still providing the shade you need where and when you need it the most. We stock a variety of sizes, styles and colours including funeral gazebos, passage way gazebos and screen shelters all at affordable prices.

Gazebos are a simple and lightweight solution that provide protection from the elements and are always welcome, and every business should own at least one gazebo. They are incredibly versatile, used for business or pleasure, and can be set up in minutes for using as a stall with branding on the gazebo, a party in the back yard or a day selling produce at the local farmers market. Risking sunburn or sudden downpours doesn’t have to be an option when you bring a compact, foldaway gazebo along for the ride.

Even a relatively small 3m x 3m gazebo will provide enough protection to keep you and your friends and any merchandise or marketing materials safe if the weather turns. Complete with carry bag, the lightest gazebos can be set up by one person. Gazebos have evolved to suit personalised needs for 4WDing, hunting, fishing, stalls, marketing events and even funerals, so it’s worth investigating the full range of gazebos and accessories at Kingfisher Tents.

Regardless of your purpose, once erected, your portable gazebo should always remain firmly grounded in case the wind picks up. Kingfisher products and accessories include the appropriate pegs, ropes and weights to secure your gazebo for the benefit of everyone.

The Kingfisher gazebo range will have you covered, and here are just a few options available, all manufactured by leading camping and outdoor specialists.


Gazebos are really very easy to install or erect, but there is a right way to do it. First timers who don’t follow basic guidelines invariably struggle with the process, so here are the installation steps suitable for most smaller pop up gazebo designs.

With one other person, stand on opposite sides of the gazebo while holding the cross bars, then walk backwards a few paces. If your gazebo includes a separate canopy, you will now need to place it over the 4 corners of the frame. Continue to walk out (backwards) the gazebo until the frame is almost fully extended.

Adjust the legs to the desired height and make sure the frame is fully extended and the canopy and sides secure.

Use sand bags or weights, plus guide ropes to safely secure your gazebo. This is an essential safety step to ensure it can’t blow away and cause any harm or damage.

Guide ropes should be at a 45% angle and be securely fixed to the ground with the appropriate pegs.

Here are a few more pointers:

When using a gazebo on grass, it’s advisable to keep it secure using a combination of guy ropes, pegs and weights.

The rope should meet the peg at ground level. This will minimise the potential for the rope to loosen the peg or pull it out of the ground.

Use the extra holes on the gazebo feet to add extra pegs for additional stability and safety.


It’s all about convenience these days, and smaller and mid-sized gazebos can be set up in only a minute or two. Every component of a gazebo can be interconnected, foldable and adjustable, facilitating easy setup with only one or two people. Gazebos available from Anaconda online or instore have been specially chosen for their workmanship and durability. When you buy from Anaconda you are purchasing quality, including built-in gazebo features designed for time saving convenience and a superior outdoor experience.


Owning a gazebo is definitely worth it. Instead of running for cover when the heavens open up, or burning to a crisp in the midday sun, why not enjoy the shade and safety a gazebo provides instead? Kingfisher Tents is on your side, offering a great price.